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3 Historic Iris Collection I. Pallida,
I. Germanica,

3 Historic Iris Collection

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I. Pallida, I. Germanica, Florentina,

Product Detail:

I. Pallida - Flowers are periwinkle blue lightly flushed pink. Beard is white at the tip and yellow in the throat. Flower has slighly purple fan base. Very hardy and vigorous.
I. Germanica - This flower is one of the earliest known natural hybrids. Stands and falls are both purple, with white markings on the hafts of the falls. The flower has a whitish/blue beard.
Florentina - Color effect is an iridescent creamy white self. Standards are iridescent blue-white, fading to cream-white. Falls are the same with yellow on the haft; veined olive. Beard is yellow. The flower often looks opalescent with cream and gray-blue tints. Sweetly scented.

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